Alexander A. Kamnev


KamnevAlexander A. Kamnev

Professor Alexander A. Kamnev is a Leading Scientist at the Institute of Biochemistry and Physiology of Plants and Microorganisms, Russian Academy of Sciences (Saratov, Russia). He graduated from Saratov State University with a MSc degree in chemistry (1980); received his Cand. Sci. (PhD equivalent; 1992) and DSc (2002) in physical chemistry from the same University. His scientific background included physical chemistry and electrochemistry of transition metal hydroxides. Since mid-90s, his research has been focused on the application of spectroscopic techniques in studying biomolecules, biocomplexes, supramolecular structures, microbial cells; physicochemical aspects of plant-microbe interactions, microbial metabolic responses to stresses and external agents; spectroscopic detection of biospecific interactions using biofunctionalized noble-metal plasmonic nanoparticles; bioanalytical applications of vibrational (FTIR, Raman) and Mössbauer (nuclear gamma-resonance) spectroscopies.

Professor Kamnev has been the leader or coordinator of a number of international research projects supported by various grants. He is the main author of over a hundred papers in peer-refereed international journals and several invited review chapters in monographs. Professor Kamnev has been an invited/plenary lecturer and a member of Organising Committees or Advisory Boards of a number of large international scientific meetings. He has been regularly involved in refereeing international research proposals and manuscripts for many high-rank scientific journals published by Elsevier, Springer, Wiley, American Chemical Society, etc., and is an Editorial/Advisory Board member of several international scientific journals.



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